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What Type of Goals Should You Set When You Have No Idea What You Want?

Find the types of goals that will help you achieve the success you dream of! |Goal setting |Types of Goals


As important as it is to create lovable, relatable, fascinating protagonists, it’s every bit as important to create antagonists who can stand in your character’s way, prevent him from reaching his goals, and, as a result, create conflict.

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Know the bitter truth of Diabetes

A1C. Someone with diabetes makes me proud every day. For information on all types of diabetes, please check out:


Use this great list of goals for your students, help them build up goo writing habits...

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The Five Best Stretching Exercises for People Who Work Out Regularly

Everyone should be performing stretches both before and after training, but the types of stretches vary. Now those who work out regularly need to stretch even more for better muscle recovery and training performance. You are going to be given a variety of stretches to utilize in your training program. You can perform each one …

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Which Type of Blog Is Right for You

In the great blogging world, there are three common types of blogs. Each type works best for specific personalities and goals. Before you choose which type of blog you want to have, you need to get super clear on what your goals are. Click here to learn about the three common types of blogs and which one would be best for you and your long-term goals.


As a math interventionist in an urban Massachusetts district, I have worked with my fair share of disinterested students. I enjoy the challenge, and I make it my goal to find a way to connect with each child and help them develop their math skills – no matter their current level. I would like to share three types of activities that have worked for me and my students in middle school math! By Free to Discover.