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I chose this Pin for my board because I think it is a great Quote. To me this quote means that if you believe that racism is no longer going on in our world you're racist. Racism is still a huge topic in today's society so the fact that you don't think it exists means that you yourself are very close minded or racist.


Type of Discrimination #infographic

Diversity, Inclusion and an Informed Work Force Discourages Discrimination in any Form. Discrimination has many faces. Here are some to mull over.


4 Different Types of Racism - From Colorism to Racial Microaggressions

4 Different Types of Racism - From Colorism to Racial Microaggressions: Does Reverse Racism Exist?

"The Sneetches" Anti-Racism Lessons and Discussions

Use the classic Dr. Seuss book "The Sneetches" to talk with your kids about discrimination and friendship. Lots of anti-racism lesson plans and activities.


Passport Fraud: Forge Up To Three Before It’s A Crime – Someone Willfully Put It In The New Immigration Bill – Who? by Maggie • July 22, 2013

Equal parts geeky and political. J.K. Rowling never ceases to amaze and she never stops teaching.


As much as we'd all love to believe otherwise, we live in a world full of negative stereotypes. Every day, people are being judged just because they look, speak, or act a little 'differently' than we might be comfortable with. In many cases, this type of racism is subtle and is passed down over generations.