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Guide to Types of Rugs and Rug Materials

As you look for a rug, you'll find you have many options from which you can choose. Learn more about types of rugs and rug materials in our helpful guide.

Premium Rag Rug Twining Loom & Stand Set

This Premium Rug Twining Set combines our Rag Rug Loom and our Stand for Rag Rug Loom into one package. Create beautiful Twined Rag Rugs on our adjustable loom! Instructions included. Twined rugs originated in Scandinavia some several thousand years ago and was introduced in America during the mid 19th century by immigrants. The art resurfaced during the 1930s Depression era when materials were scarce and using every scrap of material became essential. This type of rug is very thick and…


How To Choose The Right Type Of Area Rug Or Carpet

A Match Made in Rug Heaven: Which Weave Fits Your Decorating Style? Are you perfectly preppy? Sophisticated and sleek? A bit of boho? Learn which type of rug is a natural for your decorating style:

The #needlepoint #rug is entirely hand made and makes a wonderful decoration for the wall as well as the floor. The hand manufacture makes possible the most detailed and elaborate patterns. Don’t let delicate appearances fool you, however; these rugs are made to last, and are frequently made into heirlooms.


18 Types Of Area Rugs for Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Foyers...

Wool, one of the most traditional of materials, can be seen in many varying types of rugs, in hand oven, shag, tufted, and more styles.


Stain Lab: Which Rugs Passed the Test?

I love the look of natural fiber rugs, with their warm colors and nubby textures. I want to buy one for my dining room but am scarred from previous experiences with sisal rugs, which stained so easily. So, I decided to compare a bunch of rugs with various natural fibers, including jute, seagrass, sisal, wool and various synthetic blends (indoor/outdoor rugs made to look like natural fiber rugs).

Now that the cold weather is here, having a collection of rugs underfoot is almost a necessity. Swapping bare floors for small cotton or coir rugs makes for a nice, inexpensive transition when that luxurious piece just isn't in the budget! Customizing these types of rugs is not only quick and easy, but a great way to test different patterns in various spaces. We picked up a few lightweight cotton rugs with the intention of mixing up some basic stripes with zig zags, triangles and other…

The construction of a rug is a clue to how a rug will look, feel and perform. Learn about the different type of rugs, from hand-knotted to powerloomed.