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ART: Beautiful Human Decay by Megan Mitchell Today’s... (WeTheUrban)

Megan Mitchell, who somehow depicts different types of decay and human insecurities in the most creative and interestingly beautiful ways. - See more at:


What is Polymyositis?

#Polymyositis is a rare, autoimmune muscle disease that affects the skeletal muscles, those involved in movement. Learn more about symptoms and complications.


Skin infections, are one of the most common reasons why young children pay a visit to the doctor. Adults are likewise affected by this skin problem; however, most of them opt for self-diagnosis and self-medication. Identifying a rash is never an easy task, and it is even more difficult because a single type of rash with a mosquito bite-like resemblance can have different causes and relatively generic symptoms. | 3 Rashes that Look Like Mosquito Bites from #LoveToKnow


#plexus body cream is absolutely amazing stuff! Works wonders on all types of skin!

PITTA DOSHA is a combination of fire and water and responsible for heat, metabolism, energy production & digestive functions of the body. Pitta means 'to cook' or 'to burn’. Pitta types are warm, friendly, competitive, determined and independent. Pitta is imbalanced when you experience irritability or hostility, skin rashes, sensitivity and heartburn. diarrhoea, irritability, anger and overheating.


Did You Know.... Sodium laureth sulfate is the foaming agent used in most cleansers, and it can be comedogenic! THAT means it can cause blackheads, clogged pores, pimples, skin rashes or dry scaly skin. Isn't the purpose of washing your face to AVOID those things? There are 4 different types of wash available for you to try based on your specific needs: - Redefine's Kaolin Clay-based Mask - Soothe's Gentle Cream Wash - Reverse's Deep Exfoliating Wash - Unblemish's Sulfur Wash... Is your…