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It could be said that bucatini all'amatricana and spaghetti alla carbonara are the 'Romulus and Remus' of Roman cooking. No two dishes typify the local cuisine better than these two yet, like the two founding brothers of the Eternal City, neither actually comes from the city of Rome itself. Bucatini all'amatriciana, as the name suggests, comes from a little town called Amatrice, in the province of Rieti, in what is now north-eastern Lazio. If you look on a map, you'll see that Amatrice is…

Visitor Trails-The Louvre Web site offers a number of thematic trails designed to give you an overview of the scope and richness of the museum's collections. Each trail is based on a selection of works that typify a period, an artistic movement, or a theme. They can be viewed online or printed out prior to a museum visit. Definitely need a game plan if your want to fully experience the Louvre


The PuLi Hotel and Spa​ is something new on the urban front – a cutting edge contemporary hotel in the heart of the city that doubles as an oasis and a retreat. Visually the look is definitely Mandarin Modern – a completely contemporary interpretation of the spatial values, colours and materials that typify Chinese tradition. #DailyTravelInspiration


Gavin, when I'm with you, you can always make me smile. I smile the very moment I see you sweet little face. I love our silly laughs we do together.

GOVERNOR EMMANUEL ILLITERACY AND APC SMEAR CAMPAIGNS :By Uwemedimoh Umanah Illiteracy is a social problem the world over. It is a agreed by social scientists that illiteracy is one of the major impediments to sustainable livelihood and development. The MDG posits too that illiteracy has affected the GDP and net income of African nations negatively. Aside the political economy perspective socially 60 percent of deviant behaviors such as rape truancy poor mannerism recalcitrance among…


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