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Tyson Foods Inc. no longer accepting for processing cattle that have been treated with the growth-accelerating drug, Zilmax.


Is Tyson Foods' Chicken Empire A 'Meat Racket'?

NPR asks: "Is Tyson Foods' Chicken Empire A 'Meat Racket'?"

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Slaughterhouse Hazards at Tyson Foods: More than 1 Amputation a Month, OSHA Data Reveals

Tyson Foods' employees face numerous hazards in processing plants. And according to recently obtained OSHA data, amputations on the line are a major risk.

Tyson Foods Meals that Matter Disaster Relief Trucks on their Way to Pilger, NE! One of Many Reasons I Love Tyson Foods - Busy-at-Home

Tyson Foods CEO stepping down; stock drops more than 15%


Tyson Foods shares slide 15 percent on dim profit forecast CEO to step down By Reuters

Tyson Foods, one of the country's largest meat producers, dumps more toxic waste by volume into U.S. waterways annually than companies like Dow Chemical or Exxon.

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Dr Oz: Dirty Chicken, Zilmax Drug & Tyson Foods Vertical Integration

Dr Oz: Dirty Chicken, Zilmax Drug & Tyson Foods Vertical Integration. Tips: Buy at the butcher counter – Ask about how it is produced Buy it last – This keeps it cooler during transit Wrap in separate bag – Avoid cross-contamination Cook to 165 F – Keep your kitchen clean, and don’t wash chicken before cooking