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Animated Stories,The Sepoy Mutiny: Great animated clip about the Sepoy Rebellion in India, about 5 minutes and explains WHY the rebellion started.


U-571 (2000)

This is a great WWII movie based on a true story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. (Or bed ;-) )


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Community Post: The 18 Sexy Roles Of Jon Bon Jovi, The Actor

Lieutenant Pete Emmett in 2000's "U-571" | The 18 Sexy Roles Of Jon Bon Jovi, The Actor


U-571 (2000) ($8.39) Good special effects, GREAT sound, and a suspenseful movie! - It was a British submarine that captured the first enigmas and the Americans captured one at the end of the war. - I once read a customer review of THE PATRIOT where the film was hailed as an historic lesson.

31_08_00 Matthew Mcconaughey, Jon Bon Jovi Keitel -u-571 Premiere at the Venice Film Festival