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U Pick A Part

Beautifully explained, and I think these images really capture just how drastically and suddenly these kids had to grow up.

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I wonder if there's any useful parts. Just a little something left from the engine that used to run. I wonder if the bus was vacant of kids when it was no doubt stopped by some official, or raided by some gangsters. Or maybe it just broke down and the driver called his wife to come pick him up... sounds like an excuse from before the takeover.

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i'm gettin real dolled up to take this fucker to a far away 7 eleven for a coca cola slushee & peanut m's

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MONTEZUMA QUAIL (Cyrtonyx montezumae) - found across Mexico and marginally into the southern United States in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas in oak savannas, pine-oak woodlands, scrublands and mixed conifer woodlands. They forage on the ground, digging for bulbs or succulent forbs and sedges, and picking seeds, acorns, fruits and some insects. They nest on the ground, in a structure woven with grass placed under cover. There the female lays 6-12 chalky white eggs.

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Weddings of 2011: David Tutera Grades ’em

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