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Ufo Evidence: Bob Lazar e a Área 51 – Excertos da Bíblia Governa...

Ufo Evidence: Caso Ubatuba em 1957 deixou fragmentos

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Wari, Peru

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The six most blatant alien hoaxes - and the people who fell for them - Alien UFO Sightings

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Groundbreaking UFO Video Just Released By Chilean Navy

Groundbreaking UFO Video Just Released By Chilean Navy | The Huffington Post

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n the Vedic literature of India, there are many descriptions of flying machines that are generally called vimanas. These fall into two categories: (l) manmade craft that resemble airplanes and fly with the aid of birdlike wings, and (2) unstreamlined structures that fly in a mysterious manner and are generally not made by human beings.

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593 B.C. In what is now modern day Iraq... Ancient Aliens Consulting Producer, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, describes this biblical account well...

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September 13, 2012 - Pyramids have been discovered in the Antarctic, according to a news article on A team of 8 explorers from America and Europe claim to have found evidence of three man made pyramids ‘peaking’ through the melting ice

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