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Ufo in india

Hindu Mandir Architecture depicting a Chariot wheel of a Vimana - Flying Chariot in ancient India

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NEW DISCOVERY 'PUZZLE' ARCHAEOLOGISTS -- 10,000 year old Indian cave paintings of ‘aliens, spaceship’ |

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Archaeologists Discovered Aliens And Flying Saucer UFOs In 10,000 Year-Old Cave Rock Paintings In India [Photos, Video]

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Humanoid Alien Lands Red UFO in India, Leaves Witnesses in Shock : There were 7 people who claim to have experienced the encounter, which took place in broad daylight on the 1st of October, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

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UFO in India? Kanpur boy clicks pictures of a ‘perfect’ Unidentified Flying Object -

Vimanas are the mythical flying machines chronicled in the ancient Sanskrit epics of India. The story of the Vimana predates Christ by many thousands of years, and the Hindus of today’s India believe the existence and usage of Vimana to be historical fact.The wording of the texts is highly technical, and speaks at a high level of intellectual maturity in areas such as physics and aero dynamics. One text of the Vaimanika Shastra, which translates as ‘Science of Aeronautics’.

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Alien Hybrid Creature Found During Excavation In Jodhpur, India - UFO News | Aliens | UFO Sightings | Space News

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The Mysterious Underwater Cities

Dwarka, India This ancient city was considered a myth until divers discovered ruins. Nobody knows who built the cities submerged in the Arabian Sea.

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