Aye-aye This gremlin-looking creature, called an Aye-aye, is actually a primate found in Madagascar.

13 of the ugliest animals on the planet

Aye-aye is a lemur, a strepsirrhine primate native to Madagascar that combines rodent-like teeth that perpetually grow and a special thin middle finger. It is the world's largest nocturnal primate. A bit scary but I find it cute!

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female Celebes Crested Macaques, in oestrous, every days (advertising their fertility). Can you imagine that happening to you almost once a month? Back that ass up!

God definitely has a sense of humor!

5 Great Snoots of the Animal Kingdom

IMPERILED PRIMATES: The peculiar proboscis monkey is just one of the endangered animals unique to mangrove forests.what a nose!

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Scientists have discovered a new species of bat that uses its leaf-like nose to help it catch prey. The Griffin's leaf-nosed bat uses the intricate protrusions on the front of.

I just want to tickle it!  Credit: Antonio Olmos Need a face lift? A naked mole rat

The world's ugliest animals - in pictures

The Naked Mole Rat. one of the most talked about animals in our house! Quite often accidentally called the naked role mat!

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Ugly By Nature: The World's 13 Ugliest Animals

Secret To Happiness: Good humor, kindness, relentless optimism, and a long floppy nose-like facial appendage.

The 25 Happiest Animals In The World

This Elephant Seal-Secret To Happiness: Good humor, kindness, relentless optimism, and a long floppy nose-like facial appendage. This guy loves everything I can tell by the look in his eyes

Wild Animals Wild About Selfies

Wild Animals Wild About Selfies

A macaque monkey takes a selfie on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi with a camera owned by British nature photographer David Slater. (Photo by Macaque/David Slater/PETA/AP)

Final Stretch - About to give birth and looks as grumpy and miserable as any woman in her last trimester.

If she doesn't name at least one of her kittens "Mr. Bigglesworth" I have no faith in cats anymore. 19 Animals Who Are Just A Little Bit Pregnant Right Now

California condor- looks like something outta Jim Henson's studio

The World's Ugliest Animals

The California Condor (Gymnogyps californianus) is a New World vulture, and the largest North American land bird. This condor inhabits north.

Hairless cat. So ugly it's cute.                              …

Dad Won’t Leave Mama’s Side As Their Kids Are Being Born

Ok so hairless cats aren't typically cute. But this cat- adorable! I would get a hairless cat based off of this!

Naked Mole Rats...so ugly they're cute...  interesting animals.. Bobby

NAKED MOLE RAT Family: Bathyergidae Habitat: Tropical grasslands of East Africa, southern Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia. A colony of naked mole rats can consist of 20 to 300 individuals. Their underground territory can be as large as six football fields

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I want to have a duckling for my birthday! I was just surfing the net when I came across this picture of a baby mallard. Isn& it the cutest duckling you& ever seen? So want a pet duckling! But then I& need a house to go with it. & I h