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Something is a little fishy about these (17 photos)

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Zapatos que son un crimen contra la moda, pero que aún así quieres con toda tu alma

I don't even have the words for the amount of ugly... Ugly shoes These are just disgusting!

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LOOK: The New Trend Sweeping Swim Week

So there are all my Barbie heads...I am so glad they are being put to good use!

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28 Awful Ideas For Footwear

If you knew that the last pair of shoes you threw away could become art, would you have donated them ? Gwen Murphy transforms old shoes into unique characters with scary faces.

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These'll grab you. K.. this is like... my GREATEST FEAR realized. Something grabbing my leg when I'm trying to walk away. Ewwwww.

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Drool-Worthy Shoes By Robert Tabor Are Inspired By Food!

Just visit or like our Facebook page for any inquires

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I don't know anyone who would wear this!...crazy fashion trends

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Another 15 Totally Crazy Shoes

Crazy Shoes haha, are those man legs or did she just not shave since last summer???

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Shoe Model

Resultados de la Búsqueda de imágenes de Google de

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