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Dutch woman with two British children told to leave UK after 24 years

Monique Hawkins decided to apply for UK citizenship because she feared her rights would be diminished after Britain leaves the EU.

A shock poll has revealed Britain DOES want to quit the EU

The result goes against months of polling which have showed a comfortable victory for the campaign to stay

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I dont think that i can attend their concert if they are really come to my country. Seriously. I wish they not come here, because if they are really come i might go crazy

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The European elite forgot that democracy is the one thing Britain holds most dear

The European elite forgot that democracy is the one thing Britain holds most dear..JUN16 But they also believe that it is only democracy if they get the result they want.

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Top News: "UK POLITICS: EU Single Market Pretty Unsuccessful, UK Should Leave: Lord King Says" - - Lord King Bank of England ex-governor, said it made no sense for UK to join Norway as a non-EU member of single market to allow free access for businesses. on Politics: World Political News Articles, Political Biography: Politicoscope - http://pol

BREXIT THE MOVIE FULL FILM Published on May 12, 2016 BREXIT THE MOVIE is a feature-length documentary film to inspire as many people as possible to vote to LEAVE the EU in the June 23rd referendum.

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Brexit: What happens now?

"The process to take the UK out of the European Union starts with invoking Article 50 and will take at least two years from that point.": #Brexit #BBC

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