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UKIP's stated policies (scroll down to "energy" for environment). Highlights include a plant to scrap green taxes and to repeal the Climate Change Act 2008.

The work of John Maynard Keynes shows us that counter-cyclical fiscal policy and an easing of austerity may offer a way out of the Eurozone crisis. | EUROPP

What Theresa May Told Republicans Before Her Meeting With Trump Tomorrow Ahead of her meeting with Trump tomorrow British Prime Minister Theresa May joked that "opposites attract" and called on the US President to renew the "special relationship" between Britain and the United States and lead in a new changed world. In the United States for what will be Trump's first meeting with a foreign leader since he took office last week May signaled a shift in foreign policy bringing her position more…

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Nigel Farage supports Donald Trump policies and hints at UKIP bright future

On the eve of the Rochester by-election we take you through the Ukip policies and positions which have caught the imagination of voters

UKIP candidate returns to Conservatives after being inspired by PM's policies A prominent Seaton Councillor has re-joined the Conservatives, after being inspired by Prime Minister Theresa May’s policies which are close to his heart.

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