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Specialist Solo Tent Almost Fits in a 1L Water Bottle

Even if you're a weight-shaving ultralight-adventure addict, you'll find space for the Specialist Solo Tent. After all, this tent packs down to the size of a water bottle.

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9 ultralight backpacking tents for hiking or your bug out bag | Graywolf Survival: "If you had to leave home quickly, as a prepper you’d probably have at least a cheap EDC kit on you and a small go bag that you could grab. There is certainly some utility in going ultra-light like that but unfortunately that system doesn’t allow you to have much of a shelter...." | #prepbloggers #hiking #tents

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Nemo Dagger 3P Ultralight Tent

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Paria Outdoor Products Bryce 2P Ultralight Tent (Review) | Outdoor Survivalists

Sleeping out under the stars is one of the purest ways to connect with nature. The Swiftline makes it easy to gaze out on a clear night or batten down the hatches when nature tries to get a little too close. The 2-Person Swiftline takes an innovative approach to shelter design with unique advantages.

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This Killer Tent Weighs Almost Nothing and Fits In Your Nalgene Bottle

The Specialist Duo from Sea to Summit is the next step of evolution for two-person shelters. When every ounce counts, the Specialist Duo can be erected with natural anchors and a pair of trekking poles, or you can utilize the super-light 7075 alloy pegs

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