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Once a governor withdraws his/her state from the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program (RAP), a CONSTITUTIONALLY UNSUPPORTABLE program created out of whole cloth known as the Wilson-Fish program gives the director of the ORR the (supposed) authority to designate a NON-GOVERNMENTAL org. to run the program in the state. Think about it! The fed. gov't and an unelected, unaccountable to any voters, non-profit group will be deciding how to spend LOCAL and STATE taxpayer dollars!

Aboard an overloaded ship carrying more than 500 refugees, a young woman becomes an unlikely hero. This single, powerful story, told by Melissa Fleming of the UN's refugee agency, gives a human face to the sheer numbers of human beings trying to escape to better lives ... as the refugee ships keep coming ...

How many people do you share a toilet with? In Zaatari camp, Jordan, there is only 1 toilet for every 50 Syrian refugees. Donor countries must fund the UN Syria crisis appeal now.

In December 2005 in southern Sudan, a boy drinks water from the Akuem River, near the village of Malual Kon in Bahr el Ghazal State. Only about one-third of the population has access to safe drinking water, and the threat of water-borne disease has increased as towns swell due to the return of displaced people and refugees following decades of civil war. - 2005 © UNICEF/NYHQ2005-1987/Georgina Cranston -

Simple question???!! Still an unanswered question is: why are the Muslim refugees / immigrants NOT accepted or accommodated by ultra rich Muslim countries like Qatar #1 richest, Brunei 4th, Kuwait 5th, UAE 7th, Bahrain 12th and Oman 22nd? Most of these countries are much richer than the countries they are flocking in Europe including the United States.

What thoughts run through your mind....during the day...actively think about it today. These are the thoughts that run through the mind of a refugee who has fled all they know. All day everyday....most probably for the rest of their lives.