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Underground City

Underground City, Montreal, Canada More than four and a half square miles make up this second city in Montreal—the world’s largest underground complex, with 4,350 hotel rooms, 2,727 apartments, 930 retailers, 68 metro stops, nine fitness centers, three skating rinks, two libraries, and a chapel.

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The Underground City (RÉSO)- the world’s largest underground city, officially known as RÉSO. Over 30 kilometres of passageways connect to all Montreal Metros and provide a refuge for tourists looking to escape the scorching heat of summer or the freezing winds of winter. With thousands of boutiques and apartments, 200+ restaurants and 34 movie theatres, this impressive underground city is regarded as both a major tourist destination and as an architectural wonder in itself.

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15 Things To Do In Montreal If You're Visiting For The First-Time

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Underground city in Montreal, Canada We took the underground subway all around Montreal. They have a complete city underground,You never have to go above ground in the winter.

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From the street, all this appears as regular office buildings. I wouldn't have known if I hadn't taken the Metro (subway). But, with all of the snow, it is understandable! Imagine, dining, shopping, living, working and being entertained in this all winter long! I lived in a similar set-up in Toronto as a young woman, only I must say, this design is the real winner!

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La Ville Souterraine - Montreal Canada Underground Place Montreal Trust shopping mall downtown Montreal part of the "underground shipping network"

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No visit to Montreal is complete without a trip to the Montreal Underground City. Montreal's Underground city contains hotels, restaurants, galleries,stores, rail stations, Metro stations,cinemas, nightclubs and even a library. In 2004, it was rebranded and given the name RESO.

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