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from Calm Little Chaos

How to Handle an Unexpected Pregnancy

Finding out you're pregnancy when you're not expecting it to happen is really hard. The crazy whirlwind of emotions, the planning that is stressing you out, the the changes you and your body are going to go through. Click through to learn my tips and tricks on how to handle an unexpected pregnancy when you aren't yet ready. Spend that unplanned pregnancy planning for the baby the best you can!

from Flax + Wool Kids

6 encouragements for the Christian facing an unexpected pregnancy.

In honor of National Sanctity of Life Sunday, I have 6 encouragements for the Christian facing an unexpected pregnancy. I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant and I could not find any biblical resources on this topic. Here's what I wished I knew:  1. Fight for joy.There are going to be days when joy doesn't come easily. Pregnancy can be hard, it's uncomfortable, unglamorous, and a lot of times gross. I think especially when you have not made the choice to be pregnant every little…

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How to Financially Prepare for an Unexpected Pregnancy

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Original Best.Oops.Ever - Surprise Pregnancy, Funny Baby Shirt

"I know that there are women out there who struggle with infertility and there are women who are so blessed to get pregnant at the drop of the hat. I'm glad I've been able to experience both because it's helped me realize that we can't judge each other based our trials or our blessings. It's different for each person and you have to let people feel whatever feelings they have about their situation."

from Baby Chick

How to Prevent Tearing During Childbirth

A lot of women are fearful when it comes to labor and childbirth. It’s the unknown and the unexpected that gets them. This is normal, which is sad to say, but I totally understand this fear. For me, what I’m afraid of during childbirth is tearing. And I’m not alone when it comes to this. Around 90% of all women experience vaginal tearing during childbirth — which isn’t a great number for us. I’ve had a lot of clients express this same fear to me during their pregnancies so I thought sharing…