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Harvard Study shows that the cost between a healthy and an unhealthy diet is only $1.50 per day. No more excuses!


5 Unhealthy Diets To Avoid For Fast Fat Loss --> <-- #2 is really scary!


Meta-analysis pinpoints the price difference of consuming a healthy diet, which could be burden for low-income families but is trivial compared with health costs of eating an unhealthy diet. "...this price difference is very small in comparison to the economic costs of diet-related chronic diseases, which would be dramatically reduced by healthy diets.” - Dariush Mozaffarian, the study’s senior author and associate professor at HSPH and Harvard Medical School.

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6 Reasons Why You Can't Out-Exercise An Unhealthy Diet


This links to the Natural News article: "Junk food stealing your manhood? Unhealthy diets cause testosterone to plummet."

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Junk food, poor oral health increase risk of premature heart disease

The association between poor oral health and increased risk of cardiovascular disease should make the reduction of sugars such as those contained in junk food, particularly fizzy drinks, an important health policy target, say experts.

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Why Even Health-Conscious Consumers Have Unhealthy Diets

Why Even Health-Conscious Consumers Have Unhealthy Diets - Stone Soup - June 2013

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Homemade Drink That Helps to Control Diabetes and Normalise Weight

Diabetes is a condition where our bodies have elevated blood sugar levels because of two things – the body does not produce insulin or it does not respond well