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unicorn barf- like a rice crispy but made with lucky charms marshmallows. this will pair nicely with d's signature unicorn poop cookies.


UNICORN PUKE SOY CANDLE What does Unicorn Puke smell like? Well, it smells amazing, obviously!!! Kind of like a combination of rainbows, glitter, jolly ranchers and cotton candy. This hand-poured, all natural soy candle is made right here in the USA by The Burlap Bag. AND it has 70 hours of burn time, so you'll be able to fill your whole house or office with the scent of prancing unicorns for weeks! $16.00 #housewares #candle


Mmm unicorn puke! Everyone knows what unicorn puke smells like... cotton candy! This candle smells delicious. And the name will make everyone laugh! Each soy candle is 8oz and in a glass jar. They are made of all natural soy and have a 70 hour burn time. Shipping is a flat $6 for as many candles as you want! 1 or 10!The candles are made by Josiah and Lauren - the crazy owners of The Burlap Bag! They are also for sale at our retail shop, The Burlap Bag, in Austin, Texas. Items will ship on…

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