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The Hekla urban quarter, designed by Wingårdhs Arkitekter, won the award Årets Stockholmsbyggnad (Stockholm Building of the Year) in 2010, with the following motivation: “The 2010 Stockholm Building of the Year award goes to Ericsson’s new office building in Kista, where a “crack" in the facade provides a focal point for the entire volume and opens into a light well with unique sculptural qualities.” []


We've seen our fair share of unique modern home designs like the box-shaped metallic house or the abstract fortress made of concrete, but Mexican architect Juan Carlos Ramos has taken on a form less-visited for his aptly titled project Pyramid House—a conceptual pyramid-shaped home created and submitted as a proposal for a recent architecture competition. The simple geometric shape creates a clean aesthetic, while remaining extremely eye-catching due to its iconic though rarely applied for…


Ryan Eagle (@Ryan-Eagle)

Dubai Towers, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia :: 82 floors, height 360m [Future Architecture:]:


art nouveau house in Antwerp


Yaoundé, Cameroon | Incredible Pictures Do you ever feel like your life is going in circles like a merry-go-round? Let this photo remind you that life rarely stays in exactly the same place, but often progresses as it comes around and around, and that there is a point to all this circling the center.