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U.S. rebukes Israel, refuses to veto UN Security Council vote condemning settlements

BIBLICAL NEWS | | Dec 23 2016 These 15 countries voted to divide the land of Israel: Members of the United Nations Security Council five permanent members: China, France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and ten non-permanent members: Angola , Japan, Maylasia, Egypt, New Zealand, Senegal, Spain, Ukraine, Uruguay, Venezuela

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President Trump, Defund the UN, and Denounce the Two-State Solution -

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Members of Women Strike for Peace carry placards outside the United Nations headquarters in New York City, where the U.N. Security Council considers the Cuban missile crisis in a special meeting, on October 23, 1962.

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United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 - Wikipedia -

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu slams Obama for U.N. ‘gang up’ against Israel

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Australia on the United Nations Security Council 2013–2014

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Jordan & Israel were carved out of Transjordan in 1948. Palestine never existed as a state nor was it a part of the Middle East script. 2-state, not 3 state, solution occurred in 1948.Soon to be sidelined Secretary of State John Kerry wasted an hour and a half reinventing history December 28 after the Obama administration’s ambassador to the United Nations disgraced America by abstaining at the security council’s vote on Friday. His moronic remarks aren’t even worth referencing as he…

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Susan Rice - USA - 2013: Susan E. Rice worked with President Clinton as part of the National Security Council and oversaw African affairs, later working at the Brookings Institution. In 2009, she joined President Obama's Cabinet, receiving Senate confirmation to be U.N. ambassador. In 2013, she was appointed national security adviser by Obama.

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Dr. Susan Rice, PhD, American US National Security Advisor, former Brookings Institution fellow, & former US Ambassador to the United Nations. She is the 1st Jamaican-American woman to hold this UN office. She also served on the National Security Council and as Asst Secretary of State for African Affairs. She was mentioned as a replacement for Secretary of State, but following controversy related to the Benghazi attacks, she withdrew her name. She received a BA at Stanford and both a PhM…

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