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Feb. 7, 1945, Japanese shelling of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines, after the Americans liberated it.

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Carl Mydans. Freed American and Filipino prisoners outside main entrance of Santo Tomas University which was used as a Japanese prison camp before Allied liberation forces entered the city. Manila, Luzon, Philippines. February 05, 1945

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Even the storm doesn't stop the University of Santo Tomas from being breathtaking!! (For outsiders who don't know: sadly, there's no actual ocean park; just floods everywhere.) The university may be 'imbued with unending grace,' but it is still Manila's Underwater University. More so last week due to heavy rains, but capturing the flood only highlighted the…

Have you ever imagined España Boulevard without its jeepneys, motorcycles and private vehicles? Have you ever imagined Sampaloc area of Manila without high-rise buildings? This photo shows the University of Santo Tomas during post-war era (1945-1946) This photograph belongs to the personal collection of John Tewell. Originally, it was taken by an aid to Gen. Douglas MacArthur. It is a one of a kind snapshot.

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