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Passages: Between Sea and Sky by Tricia Gillman University of Warwick Date painted: 1987 Oil on canvas, 142.2 x 165.1 cm Collection: University of Warwick


Four white dwarf stars caught in the act of consuming ‘earth-like’ exoplanets: "University of Warwick astrophysicists have pinpointed four white dwarfs surrounded by dust from shattered planetary bodies which once bore striking similarities to the composition of the Earth."


Too Many Choices May Lead To Riskier Decisions: Researchers at the University of Warwick in the UK and the University of Lugano in Switzerland found that, if people are given too many options or choices, they will often execute riskier decision making.

An asteroid will make a close flyby of Earth on March 8, NASA said. File/Mark A. Garlick,, University of Warwick and University of Cambridge Last month NASA reported that an asteroid was going to make a close flyby of Earth, but that the distance wasn’t known. Now the space agency says they have a better idea …

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University of Warwick Competing to Develop the World's Fastest Human Powered Submarine