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Take Me Home, Country Roads, WV Theme Song, West Virginia University Song Art, Sheet Music Art, John Denver Song Art Print

West Virginia University theme song, Take Me Home Country Roads by John Denver printed onto a reproduction of the first page of the songs sheet

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Did You Know All Of This About West Virginia University? Wow.

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27 Things People From West Virginia Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

As any transplanted West Virginian will explain, you can take someone out of the mountains, but you will never take the mountains out of them. Once a West Virginian, always a West Virginian. Always.

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Bi-weekly IMC-619 Blog

West Virginia University Campus | Campus of West Virginia University (photo courtesy of Visual ...

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Montani semper liberi...mountaineers are always free!!! I am a mountaineer, not a hillbilly, and don't you forget it!!!

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