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15 Fascinating & Unusual Christmas Presents

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Heian and Kamakura, female members of the samurai class who became prominent or even present on the battlefield. Onna-musha or women warriors were very unusual. The most famous women warriors were Tomoe Gozen and Hangaku Gozen. Bushi women were trained mainly with the naginata they would also use the kaiken – a type of dagger – and the art of tantojutsu in battle.”

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Asperatus Clouds Over New Zealand by Image Credit & Copyright: Witta Priester: Stunning, unusual and relatively unstudied, these do not appear to presage meteorological doom and may be related to lenticular clouds that form near mountains from a downward win. Thanks to Witta Priester for permission to share this amazing image! #Photograph #Clouds #Asperatus_Clouds #Witta_Priester

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Rainbow Butterfly - original watercolor painting. Colorful nature wall art. Unusual birthday present. Contemporary art. Watercolour picture

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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

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Annual: About: This is a slightly unusual Tarot spread in so much that it does not consider the past and present but looks exclusively at the next 12 months. A thirteenth card is drawn as an overall significator for the year and any card whose meaning is in doubt should be read in conjunction with this card. It is possible to lay out a further twelve or twenty-four cards to give a greater depth to each month.

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Vegyél néhány kilóval a sárga birsből, csodálatos finomságokat készíthetsz belőle! Ha megtanulsz vele bánni, egész télire lesz egészsé...

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Know someone who’s awesome? Tell them with this brilliant coffee mug. Maybe you just need to remind everyone else of the obvious with your morning java!

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