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North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco was developed back in the 1960s specifically for counter-insurgency (COIN) operations, and another one of its primary missions was flying Forward Air Control-Airborne (FAC-A). The airplane can carry up to three tons of external munitions and is able to stay on station for over three hours. A pair of Broncos have been brought out of retirement for Operation Inherent Resolve as part of an experiment.

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Have you ever seen the lamp in the second story of the Fire Department? Well, Walt Disney actually lived up in that space on occasion. Ever since his death, the park has kept the lamp lit for all hours of Disneyland’s operation as a constant reminder to the man behind it all, Walt Disney, and to show that Disneyland will never exist without his presence.


Thermacell Foot Warmers - Thermacell foot warmers offers convenient remote operation, no wires or external batteries, and up to 2,500 hours of toasty heat to warm cold feet for about four winters of heavy use.


The 1921 C.W. Parker Carousel by Cindirelli. The C.W. Parker Carousel (or Jantzen Beach Carousel as it is often known) consists of 72 different “jumper” horses (with more horses in storage) at four rows across. It is lit by an amazing 1,350 lights and consists of 286 mirrors. The base is a large 67-foot diameter that can travel up to ten miles an hour on the outside steeds, making it the largest and fastest ride still in operation. Interestingly enough, the hand-carved horses are worth…


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Marcus Luttrell, hero. "Lone Survivor" (Our true heroes. It was a devastating mission, but they killed a100 Taliban (just the 4 of them) and 100-200 from the airstrike. Getting that many vile humans off the face of the Earth....a success from that perspective.Thank you for your extreme sacrifice for our country.


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