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Essential oils for tummy taming - upset tummy oils, essential oils for digestion. Try one of these tips by The Oil Geek: 2 drops Ginger + Peppermint over the tummy and bottoms of the feet throughout the day to ease tummy discomfort. 2-3 drops Fennel + Peppermint + Lemongrass over tummy and bottoms of the feet to support healthy digestive response when things feel bloated or sluggish. 2-3 drops DigestZen use Topically and Internally throughout the day to help cool and calm the tummy and GI…


Got a pup with an upset tummy? Try these homemade tummy soothing pumpkin dog treats, click the photo for the recipe and a review! #DogTreats #Dogs #HomemadeTreats


5 Essential Oil rollerballs for kids, that are a must have for moms

Essential Roller balls for Kids. 5 useful rollerballs prepared moms have to make life blissful in a crisis. Rollers for Fever, snot, upset tummy, ouchies and to calm kids. YL member # 3177383


Stomach Upset? Try This Honey Recipe For A Happy Tummy

Honey is a natural ingredient that is packed with numerous health benefits. Here are 12 powerful combinations of honey that work wonders on your health .


Nine foods that get ride of an upset stomach: bananas, ginger, plain yogurt, papaya, applesauce, oatmeal, white rice, chamomile tea, chicken broth #provestra #stomachache