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Urgent by Foreigner Lyrics: Youre not shy, you get around You wanna fly, dont want your feet on the ground You stay up, you wont come down You wanna live, you wanna move to the sound Got fire in your veins Burnin hot but you dont feel the pain Your desire is insane You cant stop until you do it again But sometimes I wonder as I...


Foreigner- Urgent. 7/18/15. I've been in a foreigner mood the last couple days. They actually were playing in my area, too, recently. Didn't go to that show though. This song always tends to make it onto my summer playlists. Stands out from my 2009 one. Anyway, it's a good tune. Love the sax :)

Dillingen,foreigner,Hard #Rock,#Hardrock #80er,#Sound,urgent Foreigner – Urgent, 1981[HD] -