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Non Commercial pet urns for your beloved pet's ashes.

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I found this company that has all kinds of memorial things you can get. Here is one example, a pendant of your beloved furbaby. You send them a photo. They will make the pendant in either 14kt yellow gold,14kt white gold or sterling silver. They also make

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White Glossy Cat Sculpture Urns for Pet Ashes, Urns for Cat Ashes >>> More info could be found at the image url.

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Awesome idea if you want something to remember your pets, more than a picture. A little non-toxic kids finger paint and a canvass and you have a special art memory for years!

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Personalized Grave Marker Solar Light for Pet or Loved One -

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~ Pet Dog Memorial Grave Marker Headstone Stones Ceramic Honor In Loving Memory

Custom made cremation urns for pets. Oak and Laser Etched Granite -

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This Awesome Urn Will Turn You into a Tree After You Die

The Urn is 100% biodegradable, made of coconut shell, compacted peat and cellulose. It has two parts – a top capsule for the seed, and a bottom part for the ashes. This structure allows the seed to germinate separated from the ashes and their high acidity. Once the urn starts to biodegrade, the seed roots are already strong enough to contact them and the entire set becomes part of the sub-soil. #death #innovation #disruption #sustainable #tree #green

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10 Cute Dog Pictures for Your Day

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The Living Urn

The Living URN for People and The Living Urn™ for Pets are patent pending planting systems that make it easy for you to successfully grow a healthy and vibrant memory tree, plant or flowers from your loved one's cremated remains! Keep the memory of your loved alive by converting their cremated ashes into a living tree. An urn helps you do just that – the main part contains the ashes while another top capsule contains seeds mixed with soil and nutrients. Also, see Bios, Biodegradable URN