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This is the type of law that makes me happy

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Panic! at the Disco's Brendon Urie Invites Us to His Home to Premiere Fender Guitar Collab, Talk 'Surreal' Grammy Nomination

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All My Heart (Kellic) - Chapter 6

Our parents do tell us these things yet we just choose to listen to band members...

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"Criticism didn't really stop us and it shouldn't ever stop anyone, because critics are only the people who can't get a record deal themselves." ~ The Beatles Anthology (2000), p. 96

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This would totally be you if people at our school liked BVB

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Coldplay: On November 19 2016, we asked you to show us what was happening in your corner of the world for our #ColdplayAmazingDay global film project. Thousands of you uploaded your clips. Watch the full film on Facebook at

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Bands in a Sentence - for those of you who don't speak Spanish, "saltamos la frontera" is "we hopped the border"

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HE MADE THE HIGH HEELS WORK.<<< He told us time and time again, he's not as think as you drunk he is<<<he lost a bet to a guy in a chiffon skirt

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Twenty One Pilots - Lollapalooza 2015 Collectors Edition Poster

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This really hits home. A lot of times I really hate being an outcast, and then I remember The Metal Family, and how welcoming it is, and realize I don't need to fit in, I don't need to be accepted by society, as long as I'm accepted by who matters.

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