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57 Homemade Non-Toxic Cleaning Products | We live in a toxic world and we know it's making us sick. Run down immune systems, skin rashes, chemical sensitivities... just some of the conditions that plague our families. What's a homemaker to do? Make her own, of course! Here are 57 homemade non-toxic cleaners for every aspect of your life and home. |

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Chemical Sensitivity Symptoms #EnvironmentalIllness >> Visit us at

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This is the type of law that makes me happy

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"There's nobody in existence who is you and no one can ever see the world the way you see it and can tell the rest of us how it looks." --Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance

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My Chemical Romance! Ugh I almost cried. Every day us mcr fans wake up hoping that they will be back.:(

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Chemical Changes: Crash Course Kids #19.2 by thecrashcourse: We’ve talked about mixtures and solutions, solutes and solvents, but what about things that can’t be undone? What about Chemical Changes? Would it surprise you to know that baking a cake is a Chemical Change? Or striking a match? In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina talks to us about how to tell if you have a chemical change on your hands. Support The Crash Course on Patreo

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Update!:) We just did our first performance and we haven't gotten 'sploted yet!!:D One down, three to go!!:D

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Pete Wentz from Fallout Boy on the end of My Chemical Romance

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My Chemical Romance | I know most of their fan base wouldn't be around either. Not because they physically saved our lives, but because they showed us how to save ourselves.

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