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SIGN ! Stanley Brothers, thru Bastrop Kill auction, is one of the largest transporter of horses to slaughter in the US. They do so, under inhumane conditions, and do not follow the laws of Louisiana and the USDA, in providing proper paperwork. INHUMANE AND INTOLERABLE CONDITIONS FOR ALL ANIMALS NEEDS...

Elizabethton, Tennessee. Uploaded by


Apply for a U.S. Passport, Renew by Mail, Report a Lost or Stolen Passport, Correct or Change U.S. Passport Information


US Department of Transportation sets up new committee to steer automated tech The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has announced the formation a new committee dedicated to guiding policy on automated tech. The group will cover everything from autonomous drones to self-driving trucks cars and buses and is comprised of members of government as well as figures from private industry. Executives from companies including Uber Apple Alphabets Waymo and Hyperloop One are all on board as well…

All motor vehicle as well as Notarial services are provided thru “face to face” transactions with our agents who are friendly, knowledgeable, and intuitive. This empowers motorists with the ability to easily maintain proper compliance with the current regulations of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Our staff welcomes any opportunity to serve and please you, our customers, with a professional experience in dealing with us.

The Illinois Department of Transportation thinks that two new, 7 1/2-pound, 2 1/2-foot-wide devices will help the agency rise to new heights of safety and cost efficiency. “We’re excited to have drones available to help us with the work we do at the Illinois Department of Transportation,” said IDOT Secretary Randy Blankenhorn. “Because drones can …


Wilson Farm Festival, Wilson, NC, August 1938, Goat Wagon, photo taken by Baker. Conservation and Development Department, Travel and Tourism Division Photo Files, North Carolina State Archives


A fascinating story being told by the Seattle Times. It seems that the state Department of Transportation was building a dry dock on the Port Angeles waterfront. After spending about $60 million on planning, land purchase and construction, it started finding artifacts including 335 intact skeletons. WA State has since abandoned the project. Bone bird effigy comb. Native American Indian.