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Us Election 2012

Election 2012 Goes Viral In Beijing: Chinese Netizens Avidly Follow US Election, Presidential Debates (微博) (VIDEO)

from RadioTimes

US election 2012... in numbers

US election 2012... in numbers | Radio Times

Register to vote! Get your application here! DOWNLOAD A FORM, FILL IN AND MAIL - BY OCTOBER 9! College students away from home - can register at college and vote there, or request a mail ballot, or be in the county for early voting.

from RadioTimes

US election 2012: the Twitter reaction

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US Election 2012: Bruce Springsteen joins Barack Obama on final day of campaigning


US Election 2012: Mitt Romney accused of 'bullying gay classmate'

Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential hopeful, has been accused of being a playground bully after former school friends recalled that he had once pinned down a fellow schoolboy who was presumed to be gay and chopped off his effeminate fringe.


Rozer Art: US Election 2012 Infographics

from the Guardian

US election 2012 results visualised

Tomorrow's print Guardian features this visual guide to who won what and where


Like republican or democrate for presidential election 2016, USA Presidential Election Day 2016, vector graphic by Colourbox

BEN'S GUIDE TO THE US GOVERNMENT FOR KIDS: ELECTION PROCESS ~ "These pages explain the election process for Federal officials. Information about specific candidates and their campaigns or political parties and their platforms will not be found here."