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Best time to shop for items throughout the year

Best time to shop for items throughout the year - -


Morning Global Finance Bulletin -

Big Lots - for rare finds to add to a wall, table, whatever. Great deals, prices and always fun to find the "deals" to save us money - thanks to HIGH GAS PRICES! :-(

US Gas Prices Have Gone Up 4 Per Tank Over the Last SixWeeks - Los Angeles has the highest average price at $4 per gallon, while Billings, Mont., comes lowest at $3.18

It would take about 1 ounce of honey to fuel a honeybee's flight around the world. Hmmm - with todays gas prices, wonder if we could get the Honeybees to fly us around. This and more Fun Facts found here.

US Gas Prices are Artificially High – Market Manipulation | The Chart That Will Make Every American Driver Angry | Stillness in the Storm

Indiana was a little cheaper. Eggs were only 19 cents, milk 69 cents, our first home was $ 14,900. it was a 3 bedroom 2 bath brick ranch 4 years old with a big lot fenced.