Us navy uniform regulations

Necklace made for a friend in the navy. Blend of several different blue shades of anodized Niobium. Completely compliant with US Navy uniform regulations.

Between the 2 wars there's a certain lack of information,but this article from the 1941 US NAVY uniform regulations book ,tells a lot about the rules applied to denim work blues

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Epaulettes first appeared on British uniforms in the second half of the 18th century. The epaulette was officially incorporated into Royal Navy uniform regulations in 1795, although some officers wore them before this date. Under this system Flag Officers wore silver stars on their epaulettes to distinguish their ranks. A Captain with at least three years seniority had two plain epaulettes, while a Junior Captain wore one on the right shoulder, and a Commander one of the left

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Pair of captain's epaulettes belonging to J. Stockham (died 1814). The regulations of 1812 stipulated that captains should now wear two epaulettes with insignia that indicated their rank: the fouled anchor and a crown. The epualettes have 20 large bullions and 17 small ones. On the shoulder pad of each is an embroidered 'S'. Royal Navy uniform regulations 1812-1825

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” Five Sailors “ …… African-American sailors posing in their white uniforms [Circa 1940-50] …. The shield on the lower sleeves, indicates that these guys were Coast Guard sailors.

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Chapter 2 uniform illustration from 1981 edition of United States Navy Uniform Regulations (Male). Description from I searched for this on

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