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Us Senate

Rep. Peter King Is Fed up With Rand Paul: ‘He Doesn’t Deserve To be in the United States Senate’ 1/6/14 *peter king is the one that DOESN'T belong in the US Senate! Rand Paul is standing up for Americans Constitutional Rights. HEY NY - vote your idiot RINO out of office!

from BBC News

Day in pictures: 5 November 2014

The Empire State building is lit up in red, representing the victory of Republican candidates in US Senate elections

RINO Rep Peter King on Senator Rand Paul and NSA: .." he doesn't deserve to be in the United States senate for spreading that type of mispe...


US Senator King at the Maine Pomological booth #maineapples #maineapplepicking…

Former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke announced his US Senate campaign Friday in Louisiana, promising to defend the rights of European Americans.

from The Christian Science Monitor

Auschwitz Museum loses, then finds 16,000 belongings of Holocaust victims

The rediscovery was announced the same week US senators said it is a 'moral duty' to return artwork Nazis looted to Jewish owners.

from Mail Online

'My mother would be so proud of me': Prince Harry pays tribute to Diana as he wows White House with charity visit in aid of Halo Trust and is greeted by hundreds of screaming fans

Prince Harry outside the US Senate to attend the HALO Trust exhibit


The interactive flow graph Agreement Groups in the United States Senate [] by French PhD student Adrien Friggeri reveals how US senators have agreed (or disagreed) over time.