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A look at anchors, stake poles and other gear used for keeping a kayak in place while fishing.

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Diy PVC rod holder for kayak fishing made for 1" thin wall pipe cut in 10" and 2" sections with 1" fittings and joints Use PVC cement Takes 10 minutes $20 at your local Lowes or hardware store

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Bead Rattles for Hooks—Use shrink tubing to affix a bead rattle to a long-shank hook to add sound to your baits.

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Kayaking is an awesome total body workout: arms, abs, legs AND cardio. Perfect your form with these tips.

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Proper Kayak Maintenance - If every paddler had their way, kayaks would glide through the years without a scratch or dent to it’s hull. But let’s be realistic here – a well used kayak takes a beating! The good news is that kayaks are very resilient and kayak maintenance requires minimal effort. There are a few basic things to do and think about to keep your kayak and equipment in good shape and soon, it will be routine!

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LuckyLures Fishing Bracelet uses a real fishing lure (spoon) on a brown leather cord strap. Custom sizes and cord colours are available upon request for an additional $10. Contact seller for details.

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DIY Ingenious Kayak Fishing Anchor with a Retractable Dog Leash

Check out this website for tips on making your own kayak anchor using a retractable dog leash...

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