Easy Camper Cushion Covers: a knit jersey crib sheet and some sheet grippers...cheap, no-sewing, washable!! I'm using these on my 1974 Apache Mesa.

FOR COUCh CUSHIONS? Easy Camper Cushion Covers: a knit jersey crib sheet and some sheet grippers.cheap, no-sewing, washable! I'm using these on my 1974 Apache Mesa.

Very clever - I would love to personalize this cute rig! <3

This is a 2004 Cassette camper that has everything you would want and then some in this camper.

vintage trailers imagaes | Trailer for Two - teardrop trailer from Mechanix Illustrated.

(great link to various interior layouts) Teardrop Trailer Campers Chuck Wagon Plans: Compact Teardrop Trailer

This is the modern version of the "TearDrop Trailer" we had when I was a kid .. one night the parents had the trailer and the kids had the tent .. the next night we switched off.  The back had a well stocked kitchenette with a two-burner stove and a tiny sink that drained right onto the ground (or in a bucket).

49 Best Camping Gear Products

Build your own tear drop camper! 75 Plans Photos Teardrop camper Tear Drop Trailer Pop Up Plans Micro

In a camper without much storage, could wall-mount storage. SeaTeak storage (developed for marine use)

A SeaTeak dish/cup/spice/towel rack is storing plates, a paper towel roll, spices, and cups.

Just bought a Lil Guy Teardrop...so now comes the customizations--this is a great little kitchen we may have to consider

Glam Camping: Rethink the Pitched Tent

I hope one day i own a teardrop camper. This is the galley of a Vacation-in-a-Can Chili Pepper model teardrop trailer. Behind the lower, double-cabinet doors is a pull-out that houses a cooler.

My Tab and my dog are used in this article about camping in little trailers....

Imagine retiring in a teardrop trailer! This is the story of one woman who chose to make her tiny trailer her new home!

This galley utilizes a plug in fridge, no ice to buy or water to drain.

Desert Teardrops - Retro Vintage Teardrop Trailer - If THIS doesn't give you goosebumps, you ain't no GYPSY, baby.

Make your own Awning Track Hangers - These would be great to attach a tarp to our awning on the camper to use as a wind or rain shield.

Use paracord to make your own awning track hangers. 37 RV Hacks That Will Make You A Happy Camper

Here is a good set up for us if we ever do use a tear drop camper. I still think it is going to be to cramped for you big guy!

Teardrop Trailers and Campers

The teardrop trailers are the smallest among the various recreation vehicles. Basically, they are mostly designed for individual camper or for a couple planning a road trip or an outdoor adventure with a smaller towing car. Because of their small.

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Steampunk teardrop trailer created by Dave & Rosie Moult. Take a look at the Buster Crabbe rocket style and the copious use of copper, then take a look at all the detail - that kitchen is fab.