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He is the comforter when we are in trials where we can only endure through the power of God's love. However, the Holy Spirit also has the duty of cleansing us from our sinful ways. Sometimes, it's done to the degree where we are burning up as if being refined. Just as a welder uses extreme heat to mend and shape the sword to its intended design, so the holy spirit burns us up to help us be conformed to the image of Christ.


Omega ear clip (post guard). Note at end mentions how to re-harden a clip that becomes annealed during welding. They are using a pulse arc (spot) welder, a gazillion dollar investment.


Easy dollar store hurricane! Candlestick and tall glass candle holder GLUED together. Used these at the rehearsal dinner and reception. Would not recommend hot glue, some of those didn't hold. I used Welder's Adhesive, but any good craft/glass glue should work. Inexpensive, but looked elegant. Reception decorations, reception decor


Home Remedies to Treat Welders Flash

Home Remedies to Treat Welders Flash How to use home remedies to treat welders flash naturally? For those of you who realize what welders flash is, you would be as of now mindful of how p...


Learn to finish your jewelry using a Flex Shaft or Dremel to create a high polish finish on your next project. Instructor, Joe Silvera goes over using a variety of polishing bits, and the power tools you’ll use to make it all come together. This class has a run time of 32 minutes.