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Just west of Zion National Park, this picturesque ghost town was established by zealous 19th-century Mormon pioneers, who planted fruit orchards and irrigated farm fields alongside the Virgin River. It seemed like an agricultural utopia – until spring floods and armed conflicts with Native American tribes discouraged most settlers from making a permanent home here. The last residents only left in the 1940s, and the ghost town has been restored painstakingly since then.


Cross foxes are relatively common in the northern areas of North America, and comprise up to 30% of Canada's red fox population. Cross foxes were once abundant in Idaho and Utah before being largely killed off. by Ben Andrew

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19 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Utah

Bryce Canyon, Utah // Bryce Canyon is home to the largest collection of hoodoos in the world. Hoodoos are unique rock formations created by uneven erosion and weathering, giving them a distinctive and unmissable appearance. At Bryce Canyon, you will also find woodland, wildlife and caves, making it a hiker’s paradise. At night, the lack of local light sources create the perfect location for stargazing with unparalleled starry skies.


American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign | Oppose Roundup of Oregon's South Steens Mustangs | Please SIGN and share your comments with the BLM. Thanks.


Petición · End the Coyote bounty hunt in Utah · -Last year, hunters killed more than 12,000 coyotes in the state of Utah. Half of those were rewarded with a $50 bounty that the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) set aside to encourage the animals’ annihilation.