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Utf 8 Character Set

Unicode Basics: What's Character Set, Character Encoding, UTF-8?

List UTF-8 of all UTF-8 characters

mariethorhauge: “ Early concept piece for Cartoon Saloons pilot episode of “Eddie and the Realms Eternal”*Version*=1&*entries*=0 ”

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All About Unicode, UTF8 & Character Sets

All About Unicode, UTF8 & Character Sets

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Monster High Freaky Fusion Bonita Femur Doll. Meet Bonita Femur, who's part Skeleton and part Moth but 100 percent monster

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I had planned for Isilvar to have a one eyes hawk that he rescued from death and is now loyal to him, but wouldn't it be sweet if the hawk brings back a female hawk with him about the same time Lorelei and Isilvar start falling for each other? <3

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