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idiomland: “ “Pardon my French” means “excuse me for swearing”. Example: Pardon…


Even an end-of-the-run cabinet can be useful. A utility cabinet from Diamond means all your cleaning supplies are within reach, because you never know when a mess might pop up.


Duluth Trading's Women's Utility Apron - I want one to carry me through every job and project, inside and out, in a day at the hacienda.


I am so appreciative to anyone on here who has ever said a kind word to me. You know who you are, and I mean it to every. single. one of you. you have helped me through times you didn't even know you were helping me with. I thank you from the deepest part of my heart and hope to express gratitude in its sincerest form.


Like the size of the side openings. Low walls allow more light but means more windows to clean.


The Magnacon. Who decided that luxury means extravagance? Where is it written that a luxurious thing must be a precious thing? The Magnacon indulges itself only in its mechanics - its six hand chronograph movement, its precision time-tracking. It's a watch built for the person who knows that the world doesn't slow down, who wears a timepiece not to be seen, but because there are tasks that need to be performed. And yet, for all of its utility, it contains a simple, durable beauty - elegance…


Birch Bark Basket by Rauno Uusitalo. Birch bark has from prehistoric times to the present day been used throughout the subarctic area. That means the northern parts of America, Asia and Europe. Birch bark has been used in many different fields and objects are manufactured in a variety of ways. The technique of braiding utility of remsnäver has also been most common in the traditional Finnish communities in Värmland, Dalarna and southern Norrland. Foto: Klara G


Just because I’m not buying textbooks doesn’t mean that I can’t borrow from the casual and practical style that going to class meant for me. A basic T-shirt, utility jacket, skinny jeans and a statement Sakroots bag (that doubles as a backpack) was a go-to for early morning classes. Side note: I also am a huge fan of their creativity-inducing notebooks. Now that my life has been a bit more casual recently, I’m returning to those practical staples.

from Freedom Is Just Another Word...

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Hollywood Hypocrites! Boycott Liberal hollywood!! NO PROBLEM!!! Not a dime will be spent!! (Positions held in govt held by radical Muslims, CAIR, Farrakhan calling for a race war,black lives matter calling and getting cops killed,open borders,criminals let out onto the streets,Muslims entering the USA meaning to do us harm. My common sense tells me to GET AND KEEP MY GUN!!!


SOAPWORT (Saponaria officinalis)