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THIS. You sir Trump, are unacceptable.


Here she is Ladies and Gentlemen, (the possible) new head of the if Our Vets haven't been through enough! This Drunk, Inadequate, Moronic, 3rd Grade Vocabulary, Alaskan Hillbilly Bitch shouldn't even be appointed Bingo Caller at a Social!! She can't read the letters!!!


I am vet of 24 years and I am scared shitless... With the problems already with VA. And now this? Well! I can't wait to see where us Vets would be in 2017.


October 1935, Hernshaw, West Virginia. Ben Shahn, Farm Security Administration LC-USF33-006148-M4. The Library of Congress.


What is Hussein Obama's real agenda???? | Probably to get them killed. 0 hates our military men and women. (He is SCARED OF THEM). 0 is trying to get as many as possible out of the country so they will not be available to defend citizens from his plans for martial law and worse. Most likely the VA lists are still being used to kill Veterans.


RedNationRising on

VA mistreatment - Bergdahl is likely a Muslim brainwashed convert back here as a sleeper.


December 1936. "William Helmke, wife, baby, and brother live in one-room shack on ninety-acre farm near Dickens, Iowa, owned by lawyer." Medium format negative by Russell Lee for the Resettlement Administration. Prints from $15.