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The rainbow is framed in chrome and mirrors and captured under a single glass dome. Our classic design is equally enticing as an accent piece on shelf, desk, or table. Beneath the glass sits a generous portion of hand-selected glowing antique vacuum tubes which sit displayed under sparking “chip-lights.” In this scene of frozen vibrancy lies the world of yesterday’s imagination with the technology of tomorrow. $700. Check out more amazing tech gift vacuum tube art at


Chess set made from vacuum tubes.The easy route here would have been to find 32 old vacuum tubes and simply dress them up like standard chess pieces, but artist Paul Fryer opted to take the difficult route instead. His ‘Chess Set for Tesla’ still features 32 vacuum tubes, but they actually connect to each square on the chess board and when plugged in they show an icon on top representing what piece they are. | #gadget #tech #geek #chessset #gaming #gamer