I'll bash ur fookin head in, young squire, capeesh?

I'll bash ur fookin head in, young squire, capeesh

Hemotology: Have fun getting sick. You're licking someone else's blood you vampire freak.

My faves: "In zoology, science licks you" and "software engineering: nothing else has made the code work, so you might as well try"!

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To Vampire: 'What's with the weird, long scars you have all over your body? my girlfriend wears a tongue stud. made of silver'

Sometimes they’re just one-off jokes, sometimes they’re threads of genius, and other times they’re perfectly placed zingers.

40 Times We Laughed Our Asses Off At Tumblr

Tumblr- y que aprendan a ser vampiros juntos... que descubran que tienen poderes de la nada como "oh! no sabia que podia hacer eso"

*ahem* Well, actually Bella is a newbie vampire. Anyway I'll also have a newbie vampire in one of my stories (Kasumi)