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Caring for Your Vanda

Caring for Your Vanda: Vandas are striking orchids that reward the dedicated grower. They aren’t terribly difficult to care for, but they do require daily attention. If you’re willing to commit to growing a Vanda, it will show its gratitude with lots of beautiful blooms. Here’s how to ensure that your efforts are most effective and appreciated.


Orchid Propagation Methods – Learn How To Propagate Vanda Orchids

Vanda Orchid Propagation: Tips On Dividing Vanda Orchids - Aerial Vanda orchid roots make Vanda orchid propagation a very doable task. If you’d like to know how to propagate Vanda orchids, then this article should help. Simply click here for more information on propagating these orchid plants.


The best way to grow Vanda orchids is to grow them bare-rooted in wooden basket, as they have extremely long roots.