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Stuffed & grilled vegetable bites

These delicious vegetarian tapas bites are filled with creamy ricotta, sundried tomatoes and basil - a perfect dinner party nibble

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3 Vegetable Tapas to Try Before You Die

3 appetizers-eggplant rolls with feta cheese; Potato tortilla squares; sweet Pepper Rolls w/Ricotta

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Vegetarian Spanish Tapas: 14 Rave-Worthy Recipes

A fun way to eat with family and friends ... vegetarian Spanish tapas are a perfect combination of various little dishes packed with big flavors. Let's face it, tapas are meant to be shared . . . so don't be afraid to lay out a number of different...

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Pan Fried Spanish Cauliflower Tapas

Pan Fried Spanish Cauliflower Tapas - These breaded fried cauliflower bites are a simple and tasty tapas dish you should make at your next get-together! Just a quick dunking in egg and breadcrumbs and a minute in a skillet and you are all done. Can be made ahead and reheated! |

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Espinacas con Garbanzos (Spinach and Chickpeas)

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Griddled Sweet Potatoes with Mint, Chilli and Smoked Garlic

Griddled Sweet Potatoes with Mint, Chilli and Smoked Garlic | healthy recipe ideas @xhealthyrecipex |

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The Best Vegetarian Paella

A vegetarian and vegan Spanish paella so full of flavor, you won't miss the meat - I promise! This meatless rice paella dish is prepared from lots of healthy veggies and generously spiced with paprika and turmeric.

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Lebanese pumpkin hummus

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