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Be sure to catch The Lunch Box, a story of the life we dream of versus the life we live in, and of the courage it takes to turn out fantasies into reality. See it this Friday, and use your Abenity Discount Program to save on movie tickets at theaters like AMC, Regal, Malco, and more!

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Best Day Jobs for Aspiring Screenwriters

What are the best day jobs for aspiring screenwriters? Ideally, we want to sell a script right away and then sell 20 more, but just in case it takes a little time, you want to get a job. Some jobs for aspiring screenwriters are better than others. Check out your options by clicking the image above and reading the full post.

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Film Noir Lighting Lecture

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Lola Versus (2012)

Lola Versus. Love Greta Gerwig, I'll be following her career as a big fan!

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Shooting Two Guns At Once DOES Look Cool #lol

Shooting Two Guns At Once DOES Look Cool #lol

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What a Movie’s Scenes Look Like Straight Out of the Camera Versus In Theaters. Color Grading movies for mood and tone. #Film #MovieMagic.

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Luther Color-Fill Film Guide

Color Film Guide for Luther | Are you teaching about the Protestant Reformation and Martin Luther? This color film guide, which is essentially doodle notes for a movie, will help you keep your students focused and on-task while watching the film! These notes cover everything from Martin Luther's 95 Theses to the Peace of Augsburg. You get the notes, an example, a "histrocity" page to compare fact versus fiction, and answer keys!

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Harry Potter Vs Twilight! - Lolzland ... Twilight isn't a book worth reading... Just Harry Potter

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Anyone wanna do a Flash RP? It's probably not a good idea to post something asking if anyone would like to do a fandom RP when you don't even HAVE an RP bUT I'M DOING IT ANYWAY

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