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9 Things Your Fingernails Reveal About Your Health


Vertical Ridges On Fingernails: What Causes Them?

Vertical ridges that extend from the cuticle to the tip of the nail are very common. But are they something you should worry about? What causes them, and can you treat them? Read this to find out.

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Ridges on nails The cause: Vertical ridges are associated with the aging process. See your docto...


Vertical nail ridges, which run from the cuticle to the tip of the nail, are fairly common. These ridges typically become more prominent with age. Vertical ridging doesn't indicate serious illness.

Common causes of ridges on nails Nails are comprised of Keratin (protein) a tough substance that protects the end of each finger and toe. The following is a list of possible causes as to why vertical ridges may appear on the nails: It is traditionally believed that ridge formation on the nails relates to a possible weakness in the digestive tract that results in compromised assimilation of nutrients (leaky gut, allergies, food sensitivities, maldigestion) Malabsorption in the…

Thyroid Body Type - Stages include: Fatigue - generalized weight gain - cold intolerance (cold feet and/or hands) - brittle nails and vertical ridges (could be thick) - hair stiff and dry - puffiness around eyes - outer eyebrows thinning or absent - poor short-term memory and focus - depression - dry skin - hair loss - craving bread, pasta, sweets - high cholesterol - loss of libido.